Funny, isn’t it !!

It’s so funny to see your ex-boyfriend doing all the same things he used to do with you; he is now doing with his clueless current girlfriend;

for example…..

  • Nicknames he used to call you
  • Songs that you dedicated to him
  • Songs he dedicated to you
  • Gestures
  • Inside jokes
  • “If you love me’s”
  • How they thought certain things about you were cute like your nose or feet or butt
  • Saying they have never felt this way before
  • Little fights about stupid things
  • Controlling everything you do
  • Insecurities
  • Inviting you to future events with his family, like reunions or cookouts
  • Promising things about each other’s future together
  • Cute things that were said as quotes
  • Saying I Love you

But what’s even more funny, is to see that he is cheating on her behind her back the same way he was cheating on you when you guys were together.

Poor girl doesn’t know she is on the repeat button.